The Definitive Guide to Portable Handheld Taser Laws

Michigan – Stun Guns are prohibited. Only gadgets that incorporate an identification and monitoring process that dispenses coded substance if the device is utilized are allowed. TASER devices are the only real kinds now lawful.

B. The time period “stun gun,” as utilised In this particular Segment, means any battery powered, pulsed electrical product of higher voltage and lower or no amperage which, when pressed from a person, can disrupt the central nervous technique and anonymous cause short term loss of voluntary muscle control of these person.

Subdivision 1 ” Electronic Incapacitation Gadgets” suggests a portable unit which is built or supposed via the company for read here use, offensively or defensively, to temporarily immobilize or incapacitate persons through electrical pulse or existing, together with products working by way of carbon dioxide propellant.}

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